Tuesday, May 19, 2009


My unit focuses on playground rules for first graders. I am going to include literature about recess, rules, etc. and how actions affect others. The standards used in my unit are Health, ELA, and Social Studies. Students will work on conflict resolution and understand how to take care of self and others (specifically on the the playground).

EQ: How do my choices affect my life?

UQ: What is safety? How do I prevent injuries? How do I stay safe? Why is safety important? How do I solve conflicts?

CQ: What is a rule? Why are rules important? What is a conflict? What is an injury? What are the playground rules?


  1. Wow, you could really branch off into all sorts of directions with this unit. I really like your essential question "How do my choices affect my life." Getting students at this age to start thinking about their choices and the effects their choices have will have a lasting impact on their life.

  2. I think you should think about revising the unit summary to make it more direct or concise. You might want to leave out the standards covered, etc. because you address this information in the content questions. I believe the unit summary could be easier to understand if you give a very brief summary or idea as to what the unit is about. On the other hand, I did like the essential, unit, and content questions.

  3. As I suggested to Ruth, I do think that your essential question might be made a little less specific by asking "What should I choose?" or "Should I play it safe?" Overall, I think this should be an appropriate and high interest unit for your students.